#7 Dive with Manta rays in Masbate

The Manta Bowl Shoal is an underwater atoll which covers a 7 to 8 hectare area. Dive sites here which range from 14 to 29 meters, all offer the chance to see the big marine creatures.It’s common to see 10 to 20 Mantas and/or whale sharks in one dive. This is one of the top dive locations for whale sharks and mantas in the world.

The islands of Masbate were formed out of volcanic rocks over one hundred million years before man made his appearance in the tropical regions of the earth. Humans then made tools of stone, bone, and wood.

Other attractions than diving are the two large caves in Masbate, the Bat-ongan Cave in Mandaon and the Kalanay Cave in Aroroy. Both are known world famous burial caves.

About four hundred years BC, iron and glass as well as woven cloth appeared in Masbate. The stone tools gradually disappeared; agriculture improved. Beautiful decorated potteries were produced. Unearthed fragments of porcelain tell the brisk trade that existed with China.