#5 Dive with Whale sharks in Donsol, Sorsgon

Donsol diving is great especially Manta Bowl Shoal

This underwater atoll  covers 8 hectare mainly a flat area. Since the shoal is in the middle of the ocean it doesn’t have much protection from the winds or waves and therefore is only accessible during the calmer months of the year..

Manta Bowl

Manta Bowl as you first descend, appears to be without life, but with the number of cleaner wrasse and remora which is an ideal cleaning and feeding ground for large sea dwellers, especially Manta Rays and Whale Sharks, with occasional Hammerhead Sharks and Thresher Sharks. Not to be compared to Oslop where theWhale Sharks are fed behind a fishing boat almost captive by the lure of free and easy foo, Manta Bowl remains at its pristine and natural state. It’s a great dive at 20 meters or less.

Shark Apartment

This is where white tip sharks lie hidden between big boulders scattered on the bottom or the ocean floor. Above you will see reef fish including banners and angels. This area is also excellent for bottom dwellers like groupers at a depth of 20 meters.

R.A.C. Point

This is a favorite site of divers, since it’s a great mix of coral and rock formations. It is an excellent place to dive because of the many areas where you can hide from the current to watch the reef action – all the reef fish play and feed in the currents in their natural habitat,  like surgeons, fusiliers, butterfly fish, and damsels.  It’s anatural playground for manta rays and because you can hide behind rocks unnoticed. You can see things as they happen in the wild. Excellent dive at only 13 meters.

Tuna Alley

As the name implies,a crowded gathering spot for skip jack and barracuda sometimes the school runs for a kilometer. Total excitement a feeding frenzy when a school of sardines travel by. See the cycle as Tuna feed on Sardines and Reef Sharks feed on the Tuna.  Awesome at 25 meters.

San Miguel Island

San Miguel is at the north part of Ticao Island, 45 minutes by boat from Manta Bowl.

Tres Grace

Tres Grace is found at the corner of a virgin white sand beach. Upon entering the water you’re surrounded by a variety of soft coral. Most of San Miguel Island is made of limestone and at Tres Grace, you can admire limestone formations and go through several swim throughs and mini caves at only 20 meters.


Found at the tip of San Miguel Island where currents meet. Because of the moderate to strong currents here experienced advanced divers should only experience.  Here you can find sharks and rays and enjoy various views of the ocean marine life that dwells at the different depths as deep as 20 meters.

The Point

Yet another site located at the tip of San Miguel Island where it’s also frequented by sharks, manta rays, and eagle rays. The Point has caves which divers can peek into. Lion fish, banded boxer shrimps, lobsters and groupers have made the cave their home. Strong currents prevail so best suited for experienced advanced divers only.

Lapus Lapus West

A gradual slope which has soft coral, you are likely to find squid and cuttlefish. There are also many colourful creatures like nudibranches and Spanish dancers at a depth of 17 meters.

Lapus Lapus East

Lapus Lapus East has a steep slope and goes down to a depth of 20 meters. The bigger pelagics like Tuna and Mackerel frequent here.