#4 Dive with beautiful corals in Sabang, Puerto Galera

When searching for the best dive locations in the Philippines, one can’t overlook Sapang, Puerto Galera. Just a few hours from Manila The island of Mindoro is home to Puerto Galera Town and the smaller area of Sabang.  Because of it’s proximity to Manila, Sabang offers divers who don’t have a lot of time, some breathtaking underwater adventures, just a 2 hour bus ride and an hour boat ride away.

No one can deny that Puerto Galera contains some of the Philippines most beautiful landscapes as well as seascapes. Puerto Galera and Sabang are located on the south side of Verde Island, a passage that is well know to scientists and divers alike as a complex marine biodiversity. 

Diving the waters of Sabang Bay in the morning is a dream as you discover an amazing array of aquatic life, everything from microscopic organisms to the odd hawkbilled turtle or sea eel lurking around.

Get used to spotting a lot of different sea creatures, like a miniature red-and-black frogfish or a juvenile leaf fish, a white V shaped octopus, giant sea turtles and so much more. Totally amazing.

If you make it to Puerto Galera make sure you make time to dive the Canyons. Probably the  best dive in Saband and one of the best in the Philippines. The descent starts at the drop off at Escarcio Point leading down to the Canyons, 

There we could see the giant Kingfish an Oriental Sweetlip, a big school of Rabbitfish, a Snapper and so much more.

The third canyon was truly amazing.  I can only tell you it was one of my best dives in the Philippines.

Sabang Wrecks Dive Site

Having already dived around Coron the Sabang ship wreaks failed to compare. Two of the wrecks are more of faint remnants of a vessel rather than a real wreck.  There is however, abundant sea life all around, with numerous fish swimming in and out of the cracks and crevices. Although the 3rd wreck still has its hull intact, its a small unimpressive structure, something I couldn’t imagine doing in Coron. It was amazing that such a small wreck attracted so many divers. As far as I am concerned, there are a lot of other places in Sabang to see, don’t waste your time and money on the wrecks. 

Some of the sea life you can encounter are :  damselfish, surgeonfish, batfish and scorpion fish can also be seen along the bottom which are perfectly camouflaged and hard to identify. You will also find; Moray Eel, Shrimp, Lion Fish,  Frog Fish, Cleaner Shrimp, Mantis Shrimp, Goby Fish just to name a few.