Best diving in the Philippines and expeditions in Island Hopping, Coron to El Nido tour.


Top 10 best dive destinations in the Philippines

Marvelous underwater marine life can be found in this site like schools of hammerhead sharks, wrasses, barracuda, jacks, mackerel, groupers
If you're looking for a true jungle/island adventure in the Philippines then the Buhay island trip is the one. It

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Best tourist attractions in Coron

Swim under from lagoon to lagoon in crystal clear water One of the coolest swimming holes in the Philippines is
Malcapuya island, possibly the most beautiful island in Palawan. Malcapuya island was voted the most beautiful island in Palawan. With
Visit the clearest Lake in Asia, Kayangan Lake in Coron Island Kayangan lake is one of the clearest lakes in

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Top dive companies in Coron

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FRAUD WARNING : Always check out the company before you choose them to get certified. Some companies post big PADI posters in their dive shops, implying they are PADI registered and they are not. Shouold you require any PADI information regarding a dive shop in the Philippines please dont hesitate to contact us on our website.
GREEN GECKO’S “Monkey Beach” Amazing Investment Partnership in Coron Palawan