Top 10 dive destinations in the Philippines

#7 Dive with Manta rays in Masbate
ratng: The Manta Bowl Shoal is an underwater atoll which covers a 7 to 8 hectare area. Dive sites here…
#8 Dive with diverse marine life in Anilao, Batangas
ratng: Anilao hits the top 10 dive destinations for 2 reason. 1st its the closest dive location to Manila and…
#9 Get lost in coral and dive Tubbataha, Palawan
ratng: Tubbataha Reef is located in the Northern apex of the Coral Triangle and is often considered to be the best…

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Best tourist attractions in Coron

Maquinit Springs
Relax in the Maquinit Springs after a busy trip of diving and exploring the beautiful islands of Coron. The water…
Visit Coron island
Some of the best things to see and do in Coron are on Coron Island, not the island with Coron…
Wreck Diving Sites of Coron Bay
One of the main draws for visitors is the fleet of Japanese warships at the bottom of the sea in…

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Top dive companies in Coron

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FRAUD WARNING : Always check out the company before you choose them to get certified. Some companies post big PADI posters in their dive shops, implying they are PADI registered and they are not. Shouold you require any PADI information regarding a dive shop in the Philippines please dont hesitate to contact us on our website.
GREEN GECKO’S “Monkey Beach” Amazing Investment Partnership in Coron Palawan